Kanye West Latest: LeBron James’ ‘The Shop’ Cancels Rapper From Show After Throwing ‘No More Hate Speech’ During Filming

Fox News hosts forced to go back on air to support Kanye West

Kanye West continued to spread “more extremely dangerous hate speech and stereotypes” while taping a new episode of james lebronit is Youtube talk show The uninterrupted shop.

The shop, which is produced by James and its chief commercial officer, Maverick Carter, said in a statement first published at Countryside Tuesday that they would be canning the recorded episode with you this week and would not divulge the content of what was specifically said, but apologized to crew and guests for “believing Kanye wanted a different conversation.”

“Hate speech should never have an audience,” Carter said.

Video footage leaked earlier on Tuesday also showed West allegedly making a series of anti-Semitic comments that were deleted from his interview with Tucker-Carlson.

The rapper, who remains banned from Twitter and instagram for a series of separate anti-Semitic posts, also made bizarre claims that “fake children” had been placed in his home to manipulate his own children. The controversial fashion mogul has also spoken of having visions of the “kinetic energy” he is sent by God.


Kanye West claims ‘fake children’ were placed in his home to manipulate his own children

In one of the most unexpected moments in unaired footage of Kanye West’s interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, he comes up with a wild theory that child “actors,” or as he calls them , “false children”, were placed in his home. to manipulate his own offspring.

“I mean, like actors, professional actors, placed in my home to sexualize my children,” he said, referring to an associate’s “so-called son.” “We didn’t, we didn’t even believe that person was her son because he was way smarter than her, did we?”

Read the full report from Graeme Massie here.


Ben Shapiro defends Kanye West’s right-wing politics but berates ‘worrying’ anti-Semitism

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has defended Kanye West’s right-wing politics while chastising him for his “disturbing” anti-Semitic remarks.

The podcast host, himself a practicing Orthodox Jew, took to Twitter on Wednesday following the rapper’s anti-Semitic comments which saw him banned from the social media platform.


US Senate candidate tweets support for Kanye West – then deletes

Republican candidate for the US Senate in Missouri, Eric Schmitt, tweeted his support for Kanye West on Tuesday evening, before quickly deleting it.

“America needs a @kanyewest @KidRock tour. Let’s go!” the tweet said, drawing fire from Mr. Schmitt’s Democratic opponent, Trudy Busch Valentine.

The rapper is currently suspended by Twitter and Instagram for a series of anti-Semitic posts and made other anti-Semitic statements during an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News that the network cut before they were finally released.

“It says a lot about the character of Eric Schmitt that tonight he openly embraces those who spew despicable anti-Semitism,” Ms Valentine tweeted in response. “It’s both dangerous and appalling. Missouri deserves so much better.


ICYMI: Jimmy Kimmel skewers Kanye West and his ‘fellow white supremacist’ Tucker Carlson

Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t resist a scathing verbal dismantling of Kanye West during his late-night opening monologue after the celeb was, once again, embroiled in a social media scandal .

West, he said deadpan, has been “Ye-zier than ever,” Mr Kimmel began. He then read aloud the offensive – and since deleted – tweet that earned West a platform boot on Saturday night: JEWS.

“Even Mel Gibson is like, roll it up, mate,” Kimmel joked.

Read more about Kimmel’s withdrawals from her Monday Night Monologue here.


Canadian Jewish rights group calls Kanye West’s tweets ‘Jew hatred in plain sight’

The Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs, an advocacy group for Jewish federations across Canada, released a video condemning Kanye West’s most recent attacks on social media platforms, calling the posts “hatred of Jews at for everyone to see”.

“In #Canada, Jews remain the most targeted religious minority for hate crimes,” CIJA wrote in a tweet Wednesday. “Kanye West’s recent post perpetuated stereotypical anti-Semitic clichés. Language like this has led to violence and targeted attacks against the Jewish community. »

In a video attached to the tweet, the group explains how inflammatory comments like those West made over the weekend have been used to justify violence against the religious minority in the past.

“This is Jew hatred in plain sight,” read the video’s caption after sharing a screenshot of West’s tweet from Saturday night.


Ben Shapiro appears to both defend and condemn Kanye West after anti-Semitic posts

Right-wing podcaster Ben Shapiro took to Twitter to both condemn Kanye West’s remarks over the weekend as “anti-Semitic” and, simultaneously, to say that his recent posts about being pro-life were ” encouraging”.

“Back from the Jewish holiday now. As usual, two things can be true at once: Kanye’s moves towards pro-life conservatism, faith and family are heartening; his ‘death con 3’ messages and black Hebrew Israelite language are clearly anti-Semitic and disturbing,” Mr. Shapiro tweeted.

This short, but to the point message quickly garnered backlash within minutes of posting it.

“2 things can be true at once, the Nazis killed 9 of my grandfather’s 12 siblings, but the trains ran on time,” tweeted user Brian D. Fallows. “Kanye: Down with the Jews Ben Shapiro: Bad Kanye but love your family values! tweeted journalist Jordan Chariton.


Bella Hadid Seems to React to Kanye West’s Anti-Semitic Messages: ‘It’s NOT OK’

Bella Hadid has seemingly addressed Kanye West’s recent anti-Semitic posts, noting on Instagram that it would be a “disservice” to herself and those close to her if she didn’t “speak up.”

On Tuesday, the 26-year-old shared a statement condemning anti-Semitism and the “stuff” that has been shared about it recently on “public platforms”.

Although she didn’t mention West by name, her post comes after the rapper took to Twitter to claim he would go “Death Con Three on JEWISH PEOPLE.”

“To allow any form of anti-Semitism to pass, however desensitized the world, would be doing a disservice to my friends, to the families I grew up with, to the people I love and work with, to myself- even and even to the Palestinian cause as a whole,” she wrote.

Amber Raiken has the full report below.


Anne Frank Trust calls Kanye West’s tweets ‘deeply disturbing’ and ‘dangerous’

The Anne Frank Trust, an educational charity that empowers young people to challenge all forms of prejudice, warned that Kanye West’s anti-Semitic remarks were not only ‘deeply disturbing’ but also ‘dangerous’ in a response shared on their account on Tuesday.

“The clear anti-Semitism present in Kanye West’s recent tweets is not only deeply disturbing and upsetting but also dangerous,” the account tweeted.

“His words incite violence and propagate anti-Semitic conspiracies that cause real harm to the Jewish community. Words matter, especially when spoken by someone with such a big platform.


ICYMI: Leaked Videos Reveal West Made Anti-Semitic Comments That Were Redacted From Carlson’s Interview

Kanye West made a series of anti-Semitic comments that were deleted from his interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, according to a report.

The rapper, who is currently banned from Twitter and Instagram for a series of separate anti-Semitic posts, has also made bizarre claims that “fake children” have been placed in his home to manipulate his own children. The controversial fashion mogul has also spoken of having visions of the “kinetic energy” he is sent by God.

Graeme Massie has more details below.


Trump-endorsed Missouri Senate candidate tweets and drops support for Kanye West

A Trump-endorsed candidate for the Missouri Senate tweeted his support for Kanye West on Monday, days after the rapper unleashed separate anti-Semitic attacks on Twitter and Instagram that led to him being kicked off both platforms.

“America Needs a Kanye West Kid Rock Tour. Let’s Go!” tweeted Missouri Attorney General and Republican Senate candidate Eric Schmitt.

That tweet, posted on Monday, cannot be found on the Republican’s Twitter feed because it appears to have been deleted.

Mr Schmitt appeared to win the support of the former president last summer ahead of the Republican primary race against Eric Greiten, but at the time it was still unclear which candidate Trump was referring to as he simply said that he would approve of “Eric”.

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