NASA’s CAPSTONE lunar probe has more problems than we thought

Artist’s rendering of CAPSTONE.Image: Nasa Controllers with the CAPSTONE mission are attempt to regain control of the Probe bound to the Moon, which is currently collapsing, is experiencing temperature issues and is unable to use its solar panels to fully recharge its batteries. In a update released on Monday, Advanced Space described it as a … Read more

NASA will retry the launch of the Artemis 1 mission on Saturday

SLS on the Kennedy Space Center launch pad in Florida. Photo: NASA-J. Kowlsky The NASA mission management team has made the decision to retry the launch of the Artemis 1 mission. Space Launch System on Saturday afternoonsaying a faulty sensor was to blame for the scrub this past Monday. The space agency’s 322-foot-tall (98-meter) Space … Read more

NASA Selects the Sites on the Moon Where Two Astronauts Could Land in 2026

The SLS rocket sits on top of the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center ahead of the Artemis 1 launch.Photo: NASA NASA is going back to the Moon, but first the space agency needs to decide where it’s going to park. On Friday, it revealed 13 candidate landing regions near the Moon’s south pole for … Read more

Watch live as SpaceX attempts its first direct launch to the Moon

A Falcon 9 rocket during launch last July. Photo: SpaceX South Korea embarks on its first lunar mission, and SpaceX was brought in to help. You can watch the historic launch live here. Hard to believe, but the upcoming launch marks the first time SpaceX will send a payload directly into ballistic lunar transfer orbit. … Read more

NASA changes its rules for private astronauts

Axiom Space’s four-man Ax-1 mission crew arrived aboard the ISS on April 9.Image: Axiom space As more private astronauts venture into space, NASA is looking to better regulate their journeys to Earth orbit. The space agency recently announced updates to the set of rules required for upcoming private astronaut missions, including the stipulation that all … Read more