NASA’s CAPSTONE lunar probe has more problems than we thought

Artist’s rendering of CAPSTONE.Image: Nasa Controllers with the CAPSTONE mission are attempt to regain control of the Probe bound to the Moon, which is currently collapsing, is experiencing temperature issues and is unable to use its solar panels to fully recharge its batteries. In a update released on Monday, Advanced Space described it as a … Read more

GOP primary in New Hampshire’s 1st district is more about style than substance

But in Tuesday’s race to be the Republican candidate in New Hampshire1st Congressional District Republicans Matt Mowers and Karoline Leavitt are in a tug of war that’s more about style than substance, a fight that has fractured Republican loyalties and underscored just how much to follow Trump’s policies in a Republican primary n is often … Read more

Jean-Luc Godard, emblematic director of the French New Wave, dies at 91

GENEVA (AP) — Jean-Luc Godard, the emblematic “enfant terrible” of the French New Wave who revolutionized popular cinema in 1960 with his first feature film, “A bout de souffle”, and who counted for years among the world’s most influential film directors, died on Tuesday. He was 91 years old. Godard died peacefully and surrounded by … Read more

Chinese President Xi travels overseas to promote his strategic role

BEIJING (AP) — President Xi Jinping is using his first overseas trip since the start of the pandemic to promote China’s strategic ambitions during a summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and other leaders of a Central Asian security group. Chinese leader promotes ‘Global Security Initiative’ announced in April following formation of Quad by Washington, Japan, … Read more

Fitbit Inspire 3 hands-on: blast from the past

When I first strapped on the Fitbit Inspire 3, I felt like I was stepping through a portal to 2015 – a time when fitness bands reigned supreme and smartwatches were clunky devices that didn’t had not yet found their purpose. And I have to say, it made me nostalgic for simpler clothes. The $99.95 … Read more

Donald Trump lawyers reveal Merrick Garland’s Justice Department backed them in a legal corner

The latest response filed by lawyers for former President Donald Trump in the special main dispute before Judge Aileen Cannon smacks of the extremism and desperation perhaps born of being maneuvered into a legal corner by Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice. Instead of filing a concise response to the DOJ’s carefully tailored request … Read more

Inflation rose 0.1% in August despite a sharp drop in gasoline prices

Inflation rose more than expected in August as higher housing and food costs offset lower gasoline prices, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Tuesday. The consumer price index, which tracks a wide range of goods and services, rose 0.1% for the month and 8.3% over the past year. Excluding volatile food and energy costs, the … Read more

Philadelphia rapper PnB Rock was fatally shot at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in South Los Angeles

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Rapper PnB Rock, a well-known hip-hop artist from Philadelphia, was shot and killed Monday afternoon during a robbery at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in South Los Angeles, law enforcement sources told ABC News. He was 30 years old. Although the Los Angeles Police Department has not officially named the victim, LAPD sources … Read more

After Queen’s death, Commonwealth countries rekindle debate over monarch as head of state

London – The death of Queen Elizabeth II reignited the debate over the future and unity of the British Commonwealth, a group of 15 independent countries that have recognized the Queen – and now the new King Charles III – as their formal head of state, democratically above the leader elected from each country. This … Read more