Spotify Wrapped 2022: How to Watch Your ‘Listening Personality’ and ‘Audio Day’

Spotify released on Wednesday its 2022 Wrapped summariesthe annual digital experience that explores your musical taste data for the year.

This year’s Wrapped includes new features like your Myers-Briggs-style “listening” personality type and tracking of how your musical mood changes over the course of a day. As usual, Wrapped also summarizes your own top artists, genres, songs, and podcasts, along with the total minutes you’ve listened to on Spotify.

Wrapped is one of the streaming service’s most popular features, as well as the hook for a major marketing campaign. Spotify itself is the world’s largest music streaming service by number of users, making its annual data rundown a way to take the pulse of listening habits around the world.

This year’s wrapped recaps include:

  • Your Listening Personality: Users are categorized into 16 music personalities – like Deep Diver, Replayer, Adventurer, or Fanclubber – that describe your approach to listening.
  • Audio Day: A gradual look at how your music habits change throughout the day, with Spotify setting your mood for morning, day and night. My morning mood, apparently, is partly “dark friendly,” whatever that means.
  • Your artist messages: Developing the feature last year, Spotify offers video cameos from top artists in recaps. Last year, Spotify asked over 100 artists to record a thank you message to fans. This year, more than 40,000 participated. If your own top artists include someone who recorded a cameo, you should see one or more pop-ups in your Wrapped feed.

Spotify has also launched Wrapped “creator” experiences for artists and podcasters on the service, which are individualized microsites exploring how their fans have listened over the year.

All the ways to share your Wrapped on social media are back, along with new social cards to share on WhatsApp and Line this year. Snapchat also has a custom lens that reflects your assigned listening personality.

How to Watch Your Wrapped Recap

Wrapped Experiences are only available in Spotify’s mobile app for Android devices and Apple iPhones or iPads. Just make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the Spotify app, which is version 8.7.78.

The app will have multiple entry points to your Wrapped experience, including banners on the Home, Search, and Library tabs, as well as a full “Your 2022 in Review” shelf on Home. You can also search in the app “2022 Wrapped”.

If you are already on your Apple or Android device, you can simply visit this web pagewhich should automatically open your Wrapped experience in the app.

If you still can’t find your Wrapped, it’s possible you haven’t used Spotify enough to generate enough data to create a custom wrapper. For users to be eligible for Wrapped, they must stream at least 30 tracks for longer than 30 seconds, as well as stream at least five artists, between January 1 and early November.

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The Best Spotify Charts of 2022

Most Streamed Artists in the World

  1. bad bunny
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Duck
  4. The weekend
  5. BTS

Most Streamed American Artists

  1. Duck
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. bad bunny
  4. Kanye West
  5. The weekend

Most listened to songs in the world

  1. As It Was by Harry Styles
  2. Heat waves by glass animals
  3. STAY (with Justin Bieber) by The Kid LAROI
  4. Me Porto Bonito by Bad Bunny feat. Chencho Corleone
  5. Tweety Asked Me by Bad Bunny

Most Streamed Songs in the United States

  1. As It Was by Harry Styles
  2. Heat waves by glass animals
  3. Bad Habit by Steve Lacy
  4. Me Porto Bonito by Bad Bunny feat. Chencho Corleone
  5. First Class by Jack Harlow

Most streamed albums in the world

  1. Un Verano Sin Ti, Bad Bunny
  2. Harry’s House, Harry Styles
  3. SOUR, Olivia Rodrigo
  4. =, Ed Sheeran
  5. Planet her, Doja cat

Most Streamed Albums in the United States

  1. Un Verano Sin Ti, Bad Bunny
  2. Harry’s House, Harry Styles
  3. Dangerous: The Double Album, Morgan Wallen
  4. Midnights, Taylor Swift
  5. SOUR, Olivia Rodrigo

World’s most popular podcasts

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience
  2. call her daddy
  3. Anything goes with Emma Chamberlain
  4. Caso 63 (all languages)
  5. Addicted to crime

Most Popular American Podcasts

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience
  2. call her daddy
  3. Addicted to crime
  4. The Daily
  5. Expert Armchair with Dax Shepard

World’s most viral artists

Viral artists are those whose music is most often shared on social platforms from Spotify.

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. The weekend
  3. bad bunny
  4. BTS
  5. Lana Del Rey

Most shared lyrics in the world

  1. Heat waves by glass animals
  2. Heather by Conan Gray
  3. I Love You So Much by The Walters
  4. Lana Del Rey’s Summer Sadness
  5. Somewhere We Know by Keane

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