Expressing Broncos Country’s frustration with Russell Wilson, teammate Mike Purcell chews up the quarterback on the sidelines

CHARLOTTE, NC — Losing his ever-loving spirit, sick of losing and crying out to his quarter-billion-dollar bust of a quarterback to do something about it, big bad Mike Purcell spoke up for all of us in Broncos country.

It’s time someone took off their velvet gloves and told Russell Wilson where to go.

Would it be too difficult for Mr. Unlimited to get Denver’s offense into the end zone more than once per game? If that’s too much for DangeRuss, he can take his rock star lifestyle and go straight to HE-…

“Frustration,” Purcell said Sunday, explaining his outburst of anger at Wilson in the fourth quarter of Denver’s 23-10 loss to the miserable Carolina Panthers, a new low in a season where there is no no background. “We have to get a spark somewhere.”

Wilson had an ear full of frustration that built up over 11 games, not just in the Denver locker room, but across the Broncos country.

You didn’t have to be a lip reader to understand the salty tone of Purcell’s message.

“He was (checked off),” Wilson recalled. “He just said, ‘You have to go!’ And I accepted.

The brief but heated verbal confrontation between Purcell and Wilson was caught on TV cameras for everyone in the NFL to see and happened distinctly within shouting distance of Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett, who stood with sunglasses and a helmet right next to a 328-pounder. the defensive lineman and his star quarterback traded disagreements.

And yet, somehow, Hackett was oblivious to the ruckus going on right behind his back.

“I haven’t seen it,” Hackett said. “I know they are both competitors. I know Mike wants to win and he will do everything he can to motivate the team. But… I’m not sure… We’ll get to the bottom of it.

In the history of the Broncos franchise, has there ever been a coach so pathetically oblivious to the disintegration of a team around him? It’s no longer a question of if Hackett gets fired, but when.

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