University of Idaho student murder investigation: Investigators received over 260 digital submissions


Almost two weeks after the stabbing deaths of four University of Idaho students, police are still looking for clues and asking the public for help.

Investigators are reviewing more than 260 digital submissions – including videos and photos – by the public at a FBI Linkthe Moscow police department announced on Friday evening.

Detectives are requesting all available video whether or not there is movement and content, police said in a news release late Friday.

The four students – Ethan Chapin, 20; Kaylee Gonçalves, 21; Xana Kernodle, 20; and Madison Mogen, 21 – were found stabbed to death in a Moscow home on November 13, and police have yet to find a suspect or the murder weapon, believed to be a fixed-blade knife.

Goncalves and Mogen were at a sports bar the night of the murders, and Chapin and Kernodle were at a frat party. Two housemates were at the house when the four bodies were found. Police said they do not believe the housemates were involved in the murders.

“Detectives are also looking for additional guidance and surveillance video of any unusual behavior on the night of Nov. 12 through the early hours of Nov. 13 while Kaylee and Madison were in downtown Moscow and while Ethan and Xana were at home Sigma Chi,” the statement said. “Anyone who has observed unusual behavior near these areas or has CCTV is invited to submit their advice.”

Investigators sent 113 pieces of physical evidence they collected to the Idaho State Police crime lab for analysis, Moscow police said in Friday’s update.

Police said earlier this week that they combed through over 1,000 tips and interviewed over 150 people.

Idaho Governor Brad Little has committed up to $1 million for expenses related to the ongoing investigation, Idaho State Police Col. Kedrick Wills said during from a press conference earlier this week.

“Like all Idahoans, Governor Little is deeply saddened by the loss of these four bright and promising young lives,” Wills said. “And he’s making sure that the State of Idaho provides every resource possible to ensure that the person or persons responsible for this are brought to justice.”

More than 45 investigators from the FBI, State Police and Moscow Police are involved in the murder case.

Authorities said they cannot rule out that more than one person may have been involved in the killings. Police believe the attack was targeted.

The murders are the first in Moscow since 2015 and have rocked the city and the university campus with 9,300 students. Some teachers canceled classes last week. One wrote on social media that he “cannot in good conscience hold classes” until police release more information or identify a suspect.

While students were on fall vacation this week, university president Scott Green sent a memo to students and employees on learning options on Tuesday. When classes resume, there will be two weeks left in the semester.

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“Faculty has been asked to prepare in-person and distance learning options so that each student can choose their method of engagement,” he wrote. “Moving courses entirely online is not preferable but may be necessary in limited situations.”

As rumors surrounding the murders swirl in the town of around 25,000, police said they would only release verified information that does not hamper the investigation.

“There is speculation without factual basis, stoking community fears and spreading false facts,” the Friday statement said. Police are encouraging the public to refer to “official statements for accurate information and updated progress” on the investigation.

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