Cardi B is ‘grateful’ for her family as she and Offset spend quality time with the kids over Thanksgiving https: //

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Cardi B and Gap take time for their families this Thanksgiving.

The couple celebrated the holiday with their 14-month-old son, Wave Set, and daughter CultureKia4 years old, as seen in photos and videos the “Up” rapper shared to Instagram on Thursday.

Cardi began posing with her son Wave as the toddler wore a matching bright orange cardigan and hat, white t-shirt and jeans. Later, he could be seen walking around a coffee table before approaching her and saying “Mom”.

She later caught a sweet moment between Wave and Offset, where Wave happily sat down with dad before rushing over to an uncle standing outside the camera frame.

Cardi also took selfies with Kulture, who wore a chunky green sweater and green and blue plaid skirt and adorably flipped between poses as mom recorded the moment.

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Sharing photos of the family’s Batman-themed Halloween costumes, Cardi shared a Thanksgiving post, writing, “Grateful for my family ❤️ Thank you lord for changing my life.”

In addition to Kulture and Wave, Offset is also the father of sons Jordan, 12, and Kody, 7, and daughter Kalea Marie, 7, from previous relationships.

The holiday comes after a tough time for Offset’s family as they mourn the loss of his cousin and fellow Migos member To take off.

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On Tuesday, Offset, 30, shared a photo of his cousin (real name Kirsnick Khari Ball). Honor him, Offset wrote alongside the image, “You miss everything, especially that smile.”

Takeoff, the youngest member of the rap trio, was shot outside a bowling alley in downtown Houston, police previously confirmed. He was 28 years old.

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Cardi B, Offset and the kids

Cardi B, Offset and the kids

Cardi B’s Instagram

Speaking to PEOPLE about his collaboration with Doritos in September, the “Ric Flair Drip” rapper opened up about balancing his career while being a father of five.

“Being a dad is important to me personally,” says Offset, 30. “For example, there’s a big party on Saturday, isn’t there? In Los Angeles. And my son Kody’s first football game is Sunday. It’s my priority.”

“I don’t play when it comes to that because I know they’re growing up. It’s cool to be the dad who’s an artist and all that, but when you get older and you start thinking about things, all my children are [going to be] like, ‘Dang, my dad balanced all that out and he was able to take care of me, teach me things, help me walk, help me say my first words [and was] was still on tour,” he says.

He continues: “That’s my biggest thing, I don’t want my kids to have everything in the world and not have structure coming their way because I’ve never been there to give them the structure.”

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