The 3 signs of the zodiac with raw horoscopes on November 24, 2022

All aboard the Conjunction Express. To your right you will see the Moon playing with Venus and Mercury, and because this Moon has not yet had enough, or rather, enough of an effect on us here on Earth, this Moon will sextile Saturn today as well.

So what does all this goofy poetry entail? It implies that today we are going to challenge our partners in love and business to a proverbial duel of wits. And, we will lose. Not exactly something to look forward to, and yet…it’s just another day.

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What we can expect on this day of November 24, 2022 is a clash of opinions that ends up feeling bad about what we have said, done and assumed.

It puts us in direct conflict with another person; a Mercury conjunction will NOT let us control our discretion, and we will say all the wrong things, no matter how much we regret saying them.

In business, this means that some zodiac signs today will take risks by speaking out. In love, it is the same; we talk, we say too much, and we end up instantly regretting what we have just allowed out of our mouth.

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