Nancy Pelosi criticizes Elon Musk and members of the Republican Party who joked about the attack on her husband

  • in a CNN interview, Nancy Pelosi criticized Republicans and Elon Musk for joking about the attack on her husband.
  • “You see what the reaction is from the other side of this, to make a joke, and really that’s traumatizing,” he said.
  • The House Speaker’s husband, Paul Pelosi, was attacked at his residence, according to authorities.

in a interview With CNN on Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized some Republicans and Elon Musk for joking about the attack on her husband, Pablo.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Pelosi, with the entire security team surrounding her and other members of Congress, “how can this not happen again?”

“You would think there would be some level of accountability, but you see what the reaction is from the other side of this, to make a joke, and really that’s traumatizing as well,” Pelosi said. β€œIn our democracy there is a party that doubts the outcome of the elections, fuels that flame and mocks any violence that occurs. That has to stop,” he added.

While several Republicans have condemned the October 28 attack, which was called “politically motivated” by San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, others have mocked her.

Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake joked about the assault at a campaign event on Oct. 31, according to CNN. Asked about her plans to increase school safety, Lake said, “It’s not impossible to protect our kids at school. They act like they are. Nancy Pelosi, well, she has protection when she’s in DC; apparently her house doesn’t have it.” I have a lot of protection.” The response drew laughter from the crowd, according to CNN.

Cooper then asked Pelosi, “Former President of the United States, Donald Trump, Elon Musk, others have spread stories calling into question what happened, promoting conspiracy theories, what do you have to tell them?”

“It’s really sad for the country that people of such visibility are separating themselves from the facts and the truth in such a blatant way,” Pelosi said. “It’s traumatizing for those affected. Obviously, they don’t care about that. It’s destructive to the unity that we want to have in our country,” he told Cooper.

Shortly after taking control of Twitter, Musk, in a since-deleted tweet, shared a link to a site with debunked conspiracy theories about the Paul Pelosi assault.

In response to Hillary Clinton, who denounced the attack, Musk answered“There is a slim chance there is more to this story than meets the eye,” linking to a site with the headline, “The awful truth: Paul Pelosi was drunk again and in a dispute with a male prostitute early Friday morning.” “. .”

Following Musk’s baseless claim, a federal affidavit set the record straight on far-right conspiracy theories circulating online. Ron Filipkowski, a criminal defense attorney who track extremists on social media told Insider that the gay dating theory began with an erroneous report that the suspect was only wearing underwear. A KTVU reporter then retracted that report on Twitter, but fueled rumors of gay prostitution, Filipkowski said.

The suspect in the attack has pleaded not guilty to charges including attempted murder and kidnapping.

Paul Pelosi, 82, is expected to make a full recovery. The speaker was in Washington, DC, with her security at the time.

Representatives for Pelosi, Lake and Musk did not respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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