Dolly Parton, 76, Flaunts Toned Legs In Rock & Roll Ceremony Pics

  • Dolly Parton hit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony this year in a slew of legs-baring outfits that showed off how strong the country star is at 76.
  • Dolly is up front about not loving workouts, but she stays super active in her day-to-day life.
  • The singer has been open about her old dieting habits, and said that these days she’s following a healthier, more balanced approach.

Dolly Parton announced earlier this year that she didn’t want to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame because she didn’t feel that she had “earned that right.” But plenty of people disagreed (because, hello, I‘m talking about Queen Dolly Parton, here). The 76-year-old star was, in fact, inducted this weekend.

Well, Dolly rolled through a slew of different looks during her big night—and they all highlighted her impressively toned legs. There was Dolly posing alongside Sheryl Crow in a sparkly black and silver metallic dress, accessorized with strong legs; Dolly on the red carpet in another short black and silver dress with chains (and toned legs); and Dolly hitting the stage in a skintight black leather one-piece outfit that’s straight-up legendary. Because she’s Dolly friggin’ Parton.

Here’s one look:

Dolly Parton on stage at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.


And another:

2022 rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremony arrivals

Dolly Parton arrives on the red carpet.

Christopher Polk//Getty Images

And a third and final look:

dolly parton legs sheryl crow

Dolly Parton poses at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony.

Kevin Mazur//Getty Images

Dolly tends to keep details about her private life under wraps, but she’s shared little bits of info about her health routines here and there, with insights into how she maintains her strength.

I’ll get this out of the way right up front: Dolly isn’t one of those celebrities who loves working up a sweat at the gym. In fact, she told WSJ Magazine last year that she straight-up hates exercise. She’s still super active, though, and she’s found her own way to get her heart rate up in different ways.

“I create my own rejoicing exercises,” she told WSJ. “I grew up in the Pentecostal church where we used to do a lot of shouting and jumping around. I keep my motor running in the mornings when I just shout through the house praising the Lord.”

Dolly said that her exercises are “easy” and that she wanted to do “something joyful, where you were doing something for a reason rather than yourself.” That said, Dolly shared that she doesn’t do formal weight training or cardio routines. “That’s the extent of my exercise,” she said. “I’m not big on going to the gym … and I’m particular about who I sweat with.”

Dolly shared in her documentary, Dolly Parton: The Queen of Country, that she didn’t always have the healthiest mindset around food. “Dietin’ Dolly would go on liquid protein, Scarsdale, Atkins, the water diet, then I’d binge, diet, gain, start all over again,” she said in the documentary, per The Express.

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Now, Dolly told WSJ that she follows a low-carb eating plan and that she prefers foods that are easy to make. “I usually try to keep some homemade egg salad around because I like to have something quick and easy,” she said. “Through the week I’ll eat things like egg salad on toast with tomato, and sometimes I’ll have a bagel with cream cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes.”

If she’s working, Dolly said she’ll stay on a low-carb diet during the week and then “eat anything I want on the weekends.”

Congrats on your (well-deserved) induction, Dolly!

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