Packers QB Aaron Rodgers says ‘guys who make too many mistakes shouldn’t play’

The Green Bay Packers 3-4 set off for their the worst start of my life through seven games under Aaron Rodgers Next Sunday’s error-filled loss to the commanders in Washington.

During his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee ShowRodgers pointed to the mental errors in the Packers’ three-game losing streak — Green Bay’s first three-game skid since 2018.

“We had so many mental errors and errors,” Rodgers said Tuesday. “It’s not the kind of football we’re used to playing over the years. There’s definitely been seasons where we’ve averaged four or five, six, maybe seven at most, sort of mental errors or missed missions per week. Some weeks having you like four, sometimes two. This season there are a lot more every week. It’s double digits every week. Even on the game, we have had about 50 games or something – there weren’t a ton of games, they had 37 minutes of possession time – lots of mistakes.”

The Packers’ offense rarely gained ground on Sunday. After a second practice touchdown, Rodgers’ offense got just two first downs of its next five possessions. The Packers are averaging 17.0 offensive points per game in 2022 (14 offensive points in Week 7), the fewest in the first seven games of Rodgers’ career.

The defense couldn’t slow down Taylor Heinicke and the Commanders in the second half on Sunday, allowing scores on three straight possessions to give up the lead. And special teams added errors with a muffled punt.

Rodgers said on Tuesday it was up to the players, not the coaches, to take ownership of the team’s struggles.

“I think when the players really take over, then you’ll see the possibility of us having a run,” he said. “I’m not talking about players usurping power from coaches. I’m talking about taking over from us. We take ownership of what we put on the pitch. Now some of that might be in the plan. Some of that may -be, “Hey, I really want to do this”, offense, defense, (special) teams, whatever. But the other part is taking charge of your daily habits and routines. Just because we are a young team, we just can’t write this like, ‘Oh, we find out. The recruits find out about this thing. Will they break through this wall of recruits?” And blah, blah, blah.

“We need everyone on the same page to make the plays that are possible. We need them from Monday to Saturday to take the time to be ready to play on Sunday. Because there are too many times in the game where there are simple, simple things that just don’t get done.”

Rodgers added harsher words that should get his teammates’ attention.

“Guys who make too many mistakes shouldn’t play, you know. I have to start cutting some reps, and maybe guys who don’t play, give them a chance,” he said. .

Rodgers didn’t name any teammates he would cut time for, but that’s likely clear in the locker room. The QB isn’t error-proof himself, as he’s on career-worst pace in yards per game (228.1) and yards per attempt (6.5). And his 39.8 QBR ranks the reigning AP NFL Most Valuable Player 26th in the NFL.

With a date against the Bills in Buffalo this Sundaythe Packers better clean up the mistakes in a hurry, or Rodgers and Co. will be in some prime-time boat racing.

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