No one cared until they showed how Diana was treated: Crown row breaks out | Web series

A fresh row has erupted on Twitter after Netflix’s new decision to add a disclaimer to their hit show The Crown. After an open letter from actor Judi Dench, the streaming giant decided to add a pre-show disclaimer that this is a “fictional dramatization” based on real events. The show has had four seasons so far and none have come with a similar disclaimer. It also won several Emmys during its highly successful run. (Also read: The Crown is now a ‘fictional drama’ based on real events: Netflix adds disclaimer after facing criticism)

The move came after an episode of the latest series showed then-Prince Charles plotting to oust his mother as monarch. The currently available four seasons of the show now appear on Netflix’s website with the words: “Inspired by true events, this fictional dramatization tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II and the political and personal events that shaped her reign.” Netflix had always resisted calls to add a disclaimer.

However, not all people on Twitter are in favor of change. One mentioned that no one was unaware of how the change happened when the show was going to address the “mistreatment” of Princess Diana by the royal family and her death in the fifth season. “No one had a problem with The Crown until he reminded the public how they treated Diana. If Judi Dench is so concerned about the reputation of the monarchy right now, she should probably go talk to Prince Andrew” Prince Andrew has been accused of sexual assault which led to Queen Elizabeth II stripping her son of his military titles and royal patronages.

“The Queen was the subject of several films, plays and shows during her lifetime. Some representations were flattering, some were not. I don’t recall her ever responding to them, let alone with the same energy that Charles and Camilla poured into The Crown,” another comment read. “I find it amusing that people have criticized The Crown saying it’s not real, it’s fictional. But when it comes to Meghan and Harry, it’s suddenly very real and they believe everything that is. wrote and said about them. What a bunch of hypocrites,” wrote another. A tweet also called for a similar disclaimer for UK tabloids. “If Netflix is ​​to put a warning for The Crown, I think that British tabloids should do the same with their stories unless they can cite their sources. Seems fair,” it read.

The new season of The Crown arrives on November 9. This time, Imelda Staunton of Harry Potter fame will play Queen Elizabeth II with Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana.

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