NFL Week 6 Overreactions and Reality Checks: Should the Patriots Bench Mac Jones? Jets a playoff team?

Week 6 in the NFL has been as unpredictable as ever, as a changing of the guard seems to be upon us in the league. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are both .500 or worse at the end of the season for the first time since 2012, and the New York teams are 9-3 combined.

The Giants are 5-1 for the first time since 2009, while the Jets are off to their best start to the season since 2015. The Jets matched their win total from last season while the Giants passed it – in just six games. The Packers lost back-to-back regular season games for the first time in four years and suffered their worst loss under Rodgers at Lambeau Field.

There are plenty of overreactions in store for Week 6. Let’s see if they’re deserved or need to be toned down a bit.

The Invoices will get home advantage in the AFC playoffs

Overreaction or reality: Reality

Sunday victory over Chiefs was not great to determine the superbowl AFC’s outgoing favorite, but the road to the Super Bowl will likely be through Buffalo. The Bills defeated the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium and went on to win back-to-back one-score games, so the hexagon on Super Bowl contenders is gone.

Buffalo is the only single-loss team in the conference and holds the head-to-head tiebreaker against Kansas City. The Bills are the clear favorites in the AFC East and have a two-game lead over the dolphins and a one-game lead over the emerging Jets. They also beat the Ravens earlier this year (and Baltimore is 3-3 after six games).

The road to the Super Bowl in the AFC appears to be through Orchard Park in January. It’s a scary thought.

Injuries will be expensive 49ers a place in the playoffs

Overreaction or reality: Overreaction

Here’s the biggest problem with the 49ers. How many injuries can this team sustain? On the defense of San Francisco, Fred Warner and Dr. Greenlaw are the only two starters to be injury-free in Sunday’s loss to the Falconsnor had any injury before the match.

Charvarius District left the game with a groin injury. Discuss content had to be evaluated for a concussion (but came back), and Samson Eboukam left with a leg injury (he also returned). Nick Bosa, Arik Armstead, Javon Kinlaw, Emmanuel Mosley, Jimmie Neighborhoodand Azeez Al Shaair all missed the game with various injuries.

The 49ers defense didn’t get over injuries in the loss to the Falcons, but this team has the depth to resist injuries (and have done so for most of the year). San Francisco will eventually pick up some of those players and make a run at the NFC West.

Overreaction or reality: Reality

Zappe made two starts for the Patriots, and New England averaged 33.5 points per game and 381.5 yards per game in those starts. They are also 2-0 in both starts under Zappe. The fourth-round rookie went 24 of 34 for 309 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions in Sunday’s win over the Brownsactually finding both ends tight (John Smith and henry hunter) six times for 122 yards and a touchdown.

Not only did the Patriots throw for 301 yards, but they were 7 of 14 on third down and 2 of 3 in go-go situations. Zappe has four touchdowns for one interception and a 111.4 passer rating this season, with a 72.9 percent completion rate. He is the first rookie quarterback in the Super Bowl era to win and post a passing rating of over 100 in each of his first two starts.

Bottom line: Zappe did more than enough to warrant another start (at least). The Patriots offense is better with him at quarterback.

The Jets are a threat to make the playoffs

Overreaction or reality: Reality

New York is 4-2 and just handed Green Bay its biggest loss under Aaron Rodgers at the Lambeau ground. Brece room already looks like one of the most explosive players in the NFLand the defense shines with dj reed, Gardner Sauceand Quinnen Williams open the way.

The Jets look like a playoff team, finding different ways to beat their opponents each week. The offensive line does a good job of protecting Zach Wilsonand the defense continues to improve, giving up under 300 yards for the third straight week.

If the AFC were to pick seven teams to make the playoffs, the Jets would be one of them.

The Foals wide receivers are good enough to get them to the playoffs

Overreaction or reality: Reality

Indianapolis had its best game ever from wide receivers in Sunday’s win over Jacksonville. Michael Pitman finished with 13 catches for 134 yards to lead the way, but the biggest contribution came from the rookie Alec Pierce. The second-round pick caught a 32-yard touchdown pass from matt ryan with 17 seconds left to take the Colts to 3-2-1 this year, the fourth straight week, he had a significant offensive contribution.

Paris-Campbell also had seven catches for 57 yards and a touchdown. Ryan’s chemistry is growing with his wides, as he’s thrown for 996 yards and five touchdowns over the past three weeks. If Sunday’s game continues, the Colts may not have to add another wide receiver at the trade deadline.

Pittman, Pierce and Campbell are pretty good.

vikings are a Super Bowl contender

Overreaction or reality: Overreaction

It’s hard not to be in favor of a 5-1 start, especially since the Vikings have built a commanding lead in the NFC North. Minnesota is one of three five-win teams in the NFC and four five-win teams in the entire NFL. The Vikings lost to the Eagles, but that was over a month ago. They haven’t lost since.

Minnesota certainly capitalized on Miami’s mistakes, as Jaylen Waddle bobbled ball leads to a Harrison Smith interception and a possible field goal. Waddle’s fumble after a long late hold led to another turnover in Miami – taking more potential points off the board in a 17-16 game. The Vikings got 10 points on errors from Waddle.

The Vikings are a good team, albeit in a mediocre division. They are not yet in Super Bowl level.

Saints need to engage more in the racing game

Overreaction or reality: Reality

What the Saints were able to do on the field against the bengals was impressive. New Orleans rushed for 228 yards and averaged 6.7 yards per carry against a Bengals defense that allowed 99.6 rushing yards per game and just one rushing touchdown on the year.

Without their top three wide receivers, the game plan should have been easy for the Bengals defense. A healthy Alvin Kamara ran 99 meters while Marc Ingram added 46 to the ground and Taysom Hill was 39. Rookie Rashid Shaheed also had a 44-yard touchdown run.

Even when the game pass catchers return, offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. should call back the pass and engage more in the run. The Saints are a better running team than they might have thought.

Brian Daboll is Coach of the Year

Overreaction or reality: Reality

The giants are 5-1 and already have more wins than last year. A healthy Saquon Barkley helps, but New York wins with Daniel Jones and a below-average offensive line. Beat the crows is another great win for an emerging Giants team that’s beginning to believe they’re more than just a Cinderella story.

It’s the first time since 2009 that the Giants have started 5-1 or better in the Super Bowl era. Daboll is the first Giants coach since Allie Sherman in 1961 to start his career 5-1. Jones has four winning games while New York is 5-1 in one-scored games — the only team this season to have every one of its games decided by eight runs or less.

Daboll may not just be coach of the year. He may already be one of the best in the league.

Mike Tomlin is still one of the top five coaches in this league

Overreaction or reality: Reality

There’s a reason Tomlin has never had a losing season in his 15 seasons as head coach – upsets like Sunday’s during the Buccaneers are why. Tomlin lost the starting quarterback Kenny Pickett (concussion), but Mitchell Trubisky found a way to record a 142.4 passer rating against a Buccaneers defense that allowed just 193.7 passing yards per game entering the contest.

The Steelers the secondary didn’t have its top three cornerbacks and Minka Fitzpatrickyet held Tom Brady just one touchdown. The Buccaneers also went just 4 of 14 on third down and 1 of 4 in the red zone.

Pittsburgh dominated Tampa Bay after being eliminated by Buffalo last week. That’s all Tomlin.

Kliff Kingsbury’s days in Arizona are numbered

Overreaction or reality: Overreaction

Kingsbury aren’t close to being fired just yet, but something needs to be done with this offense. The Cardinals are 2-4, reside in last place in the NFC West and got off to another slow start after scoring just three points and 142 yards in the first half. Arizona even had a streak where they had 10 plays for 11 yards.

The Cardinals had just nine points against the 31st-ranked defense in the league and had just 315 yards against the 32nd-ranked defense in yards per game allowed. This is unacceptable for a team with Kyler Murray on it — and he struggled after going 22 of 37 for 222 yards with an interception.

The hot seat is heating up for Kingsbury, but he deserves time to cool down.

cooper blow is the best receiver in the NFL

Overreaction or reality: Reality

No disrespect to Justin Jefferson, but Kupp continues to produce every week behind an attack that is still out of sync. Kupp finished with seven catches for 80 yards to lead the Rams in Sunday’s win over Panthersgiving him 56 catches for 607 yards and four touchdowns on the year.

With Allen Robinson beginning to show some sense of production, Kupp is still tasked with carrying a group of wide receivers that is just him for six games. It’s not an easy task, but Kupp is on track for 159 receptions this season, which would set the NFL record.

Kupp — the only 2,000-yard receiver in league history (regular season and playoffs) — still deserves his due as the game’s leading wide receiver. He’s carrying the Rams right now.

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