Saban talks about Vols and Bryce Young’s effectiveness on “Hey Coach”

Alabama fans may be considering smoke them if you have them This weekend. It’s Alabama-Tennessee and one of the conference’s oldest rivalries is coming together again.

Saban previewed the Volunteers and talked about the No. 3 tide with the latest on Bryce Young, some offensive line talk with Grand Bay’s Peewee and a breakdown of the Vols offense.

Here’s a rewind of Saban’s appearance in “Hey Coach.”

Segment 1

–Saban said it’s enough to “do what you do” in relationship building and “give more than you take” and “help more than you receive”, when giving advice For a wedding.

— Saban said there was a lot of “self-indulgent” behavior against Texas A&M and called the sales numbers “critical.” In games like this, Saban said your best is required. He cited a pyramid of success in team setup on how to be your best teammate and create the best team.

The Tide are nine-point favorites against the Vols.

–Saban said he wasn’t looking at the margin of victory, but rather whether the team had reached the level they set for themselves by improving each week.

— Grand Bay’s Peewee thinks it’s going to be stronger at Neyland Stadium this weekend than Texas in Week 2. Saban said center position has been key and Alabama needs to play with players of a “starter” type with Seth McLaughlin and Darrion Dalcourt, who have timeshare this season. “I’m happy with both guys, that’s no problem, I just hope both can stay healthy.”

— Saban cited Tennessee’s “fast” running defense and the unit’s ability to stunt the line of scrimmage for success. “I don’t think it will be a 10-9 game, that’s what I’m trying to say.”

Segment 2

–Saban asked how the public found out about the name of the “cheetah” package with one defensive lineman and three outside linebackers. Saban said Will Anderson, Dallas Turner and Chris Braswell were three very good passing throwers. “I won’t name the others, you already know this one.”

“You have to be administratively careful how you manage (subbing).”

–Saban gave a technical breakdown on Alabama’s secondary position when a young safety from a Georgia team present asked him about Tide’s safety play. He cited the three critical factors of being a defensive back – playing the ball deep in the pitch, tackling well, playing good man-to-man coverage – and said if the kid does that, maybe be that Saban will come to visit him. one day.

– Saban again covered coverage variations on Texas A&M’s tight touchdown and the final play of the game. The reversal of coverage responsibilities allowed Evan Stewart to be covered by Terrion Arnold.

Segment 3

– Saban was asked about the frequency of pass interference calls and still on the defensive backs coach, Saban broke back shoulder throws and cornerbacks struggles when a receiver turns sideways to get lean towards the ball and the defender has to play through them. Saban said a few teams they faced were “rewarded” for back passes that led to penalties.

— Saban said players and players’ parents sometimes worry about what the media writes about them. “Now they want to prove these people wrong,” Saban said, players should focus on the process and what they can control.

– Bryce Young trained this week and Saban said it depends on whether he can kick the ball effectively enough. He did so “on a limited basis”.

“I know he wants to play. I know he thinks he can play.

Segment 4

— Saban said that in a noisy environment like Neyland Stadium, players shouldn’t make the fans “relevant”, showing that they affect you and have an impact on the game.

–Saban has made it a point to tell people to donate to Florida-based aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

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