Cartoon Network marketing executives latest to go in layoffs from Warner Bros. Discovery – The Hollywood Reporter

Karen Bronzo is making changes to the kids, young adults and classics division of Discovery of Warner Bros..

Two key executives, Chief Marketing Officer Tricia Melton and Senior Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at cartoon network and adult swimming Jill King, are leaving the newly merged company at the end of the year as Bronzo looks set to further consolidate these operations within the newly merged conglomerate.

“We are grateful for Tricia and Jill’s contributions to KYAC’s legacy businesses and their leadership on these teams,” U.S. Networks Chief Marketing Officer Bronzo wrote in a memo to staff on Tuesday. “Tricia and Jill will both be here for the rest of the year, working with me as we realign teams through this transition period. I plan to announce the new marketing leadership structure for these networks before they leave. »

Melton has been with the company since June 2020 and led Cartoon Network’s rebranding while launching the Cartoonito label on both the Linear Network and HBO Max. She was also the champion of the first Adult Swim contest. rick and morty episode in space, “Wormageddon”, and the series’ first world stunt. For Turner Classic Movies, she developed her new brand strategy and redesign to focus on classic cinema and culture.

“They say the secret to a long life is knowing when it’s time to go, so I’m sharing the news that I’ll be leaving at the end of the year. I know this is a difficult and turbulent time for everyone, but I deeply believe in this team, in the resilience of each of you individually, and in the strength of our collective teams to see these amazing brands through this transition. she wrote in an internal memo of her own on Tuesday.

King, meanwhile, is a 22-year veteran of Warners who has helped create hits including The Powerpuff Girls and Steven Universe in global franchises while creating global partnerships with key brands that have generated impressive financial results. King has also played a major role in developing and implementing content-focused diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives for the company.

“My greatest privilege has been leading the best marketing team in the business,” King wrote in his memo to staffers Tuesday. “After 22 years, I can say without a doubt that our work has positively influenced media and culture around the world for current and future generations. We’ve led the industry in driving inclusion and representation in children’s content and marketing, built the iconic brands of Cartoon Network and [adult swim]has developed successful global franchises, including The Powerpuff Girls, adventure time, Steven Universeand rick and mortydeployed historical marketing and partnerships, and much more!

Michael Ouweleen continues to lead Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Boomerang, reporting to US Networks Manager Kathleen Finch. Pola Changnon oversees Turner Classic Movies, also reporting to Finch.

The marketing releases come as Warner Bros. Discovery continues to “refine” the company after its $43 billion merger. The layoffs have already affected several divisions, including HBO/HBO Max and, this weekWarner Bros. TV Group, as part of WBD CEO David Zaslavsave $3 billion post-merger.

All facets of the Warner Bros. merger. Discovery are scrutinized as Zaslav seeks to save billions in staff layoffs and other areas. Other departments, like advertising sales, are also reportedly looking to cut costs by 20-30% through a combination of layoffs, travel and expense savings, and supplier cuts.

HBO Max and Discovery+ will merge into a single service next year. Executives are currently debating a new name for the service, as sources say much of the discussion revolves around whether the HBO name will still be part of it or if a broader name for the service would work better. .

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