CBS Studios & Paramount TV Studios Fate, Paramount + Scripted Oversight – Deadline

The departure thursday of David Nevin as President and CEO, Paramount Premium Group and Chief Creative Officer, Paramount + Scripted Series, as well as Restructuring of Paramount Global unveiled alongside him, created a lot of anxiety within the operations impacted by Nevins’ exit.

Nevins’ responsibilities were split, with Showtime Networks moving under Chris McCarthy, George Cheeks supervise BET and Paramount Television Studiosand Showtime’s OTT shift under Tom Ryan.

In his memo announcing the realignment, Paramount Global CEO Bob Bakish noted that Paramount TV Studios “will continue to operate as a studio alongside CBS Studioswhich is also overseen by Cheeks, but many saw the two studios being brought under the same umbrella as a step towards consolidation.

Cheeks, President and CEO, CBS and CCO, News & Sports, Paramount+ and President of PTVS Nicole Clemens chimed in this afternoon to allay any merger fears with a memo, assuring the PTVS team that “Paramount TV Studios and CBS Studios will both continue to have their own executives and separate creative teams that will operate in a independent on the market” while being “the two best”. -in-class production brands” in the Cheeks portfolio. (You can read the full memo below.)

One area creating even more confusion is the oversight of Paramount+ Scripted Originals. While that’s an important part of Nevins’ title — creative director, Paramount + Scripted Series — the fate of those responsibilities wasn’t addressed in Bakish’s memo.

Bakish said “this change has also given us the opportunity to more closely align our studios, networks and streaming operations as we execute our vision and strategy for the future.”

According to sources, the idea is that the three studios providing Paramount+ with scripted series – CBS Studios, Paramount TV Studios and MTV Entertainment Studios, overseen by McCarthy, where Taylor Sheridan is based – oversee their shows for the streamer in collaboration with Tom Ryan, President and CEO of Paramount Streaming, and Tanya Giles, the company’s director of streaming programming, who leads the content rollout.

It’s a decentralized, studio-focused model also used by Disney+, which doesn’t have its own development teams but is powered by major labels within Disney like Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Disney Branded Entertainment.

Such a new structure raises questions about Clemens’ role as President, Paramount + Original Scripted Series and the future of her team. (This role is in addition to his management of PTVS, which remains the same.) From what I’m hearing, they haven’t been told what will happen next yet, but changes to that operation appear to be In progress.

Here’s Cheeks and Clemens’ memo:

Paramount Television Studios Team – We wanted to reach out after Bob’s announcement with some additional details and briefly clarify what this new structure means.

As part of today’s news, we will form a group of television studios with two best-in-class production brands – Paramount Television Studios and CBS Studios – in George’s portfolio. Paramount Television Studios and CBS Studios will continue to have their own executives and separate creative teams that will operate independently in the market.

This studio produces amazing shows across a wide range of platforms, and that’s not going to change. We want to continue creating more premium series that can be successfully monetized around the world. We also want to expand our global franchises while developing new ones. Our production footprint will be American and international. Our buyers will be internal and external.

We are so excited to partner with this incredible team to take Paramount Television Studios to even greater heights.


Nicole and George

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