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[This story contains spoilers for ABC’s The Bachelorette.]

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey take care of a season of ABC the bachelorette which is truly unique and offers its own thorny moments.

After both being heartbroken in Clayton Echard’s previous season The single person, Recchia and Windey have been announced as co-Bachelorettes in a surprising format change. The two leads shared a group of male contestants until last week when they each had to decide which guys to invite as suitors. This has led to new challenges, as one guy, Logan Palmer, has accepted a rose as part of Recchia’s team but seems eager to move on to Windey’s side.

Both Bachelorettes are aware of online criticism from fans of a level of competition that the two stars have been seen to have fostered. “Gabby and I never argue, and we never make a decision without one or the other at the start of the season,” Recchia said. The Hollywood Reporter during a joint interview with Windey. “And hear all the criticism of [the men] pitting ourselves against each other, it just wasn’t like that.

In the conversation below, The Bachelorettes discuss a contestant calling Windey “rough around the edges,” Recchia feeling ignored during Windey’s recent group date, what to expect for future episodes. and why this season’s reviews “miss the point.”

You talked on the show about feeling like guys have the power. Do you still feel this way?

Gaby Windey:I really think there’s been a bit of a power trade-off with the two Bachelorettes, and the men take it or do what they can to make sure that it’s them, in fact, making the decision and that not the decision is made for them, I guess, for lack of better words. It’s always an ebb and flow, but I feel like Rachel and I are trying our best to do what we think is right in the moment and stick together and really step into our roles. You see us being a lot emotional and doubting ourselves sometimes, but you have to go through that to get over it.

Rachel, are you surprised you’re upset during Gabby’s date this week?

Rachel Rechia: What people really don’t see is during the date, Gabby and I were fine. We were talking about what’s going on. It was just a struggle I had internally. Emotions really aren’t something anyone should be ashamed of. Gabby and I went through a little bit of a time where we weren’t sure if we felt seen and chosen by our group of guys. And I haven’t seen them for a while. I wanted a little acknowledgment from them, but overall it was something I did after, in the privacy of my own room. I was just trying to be honest with how I felt. I went to talk to the guys afterwards, and they really stepped up, and they were so heartwarming and amazing the next day. It was definitely something you didn’t want to see – one of your lowest moments – but it really helped me the next day to get to know these guys better.

‘The Bachelorette’ stars Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Rachel, we mostly see you questioning your decision to take this trip, and maybe there’s some insight into whether or not you’ll have a big decision to make regarding your future on the show. What was it like struggling with that?

Recchia: People are really watching Gabby and I are experiencing this for the first time, and we are really navigating on our own. And there are really high, high times and really low times. Especially at this point in the journey for me, I was encountering several roadblocks in a row, and it was really daunting. People are going to see me being in touch with my emotions and really have to go through the process of doubt, which is so normal for every Bachelorette. But I hope people are really able to see the ups that come after.

That rose ceremony with the three rejections you talked about was hard to watch. Do you think there might have been a way for the format to be different so that you didn’t have to go through this?

Recchia: It’s hard for Gabby and I to be rejected in our own season. I think that’s something the Bachelorettes in the past didn’t really have to deal with on the scale that we did. And it hurts your feelings. But about the format, it was really all of us learning as we went. And that’s what happened at the time. Sure, it was really hard to get through — me that night and Gabby the night before — having to deal with those rejections, but that’s what happens. People see that, and I hope they know we were doing our best in the moment.

Gabby, what do you think of Hayden saying the “rough around the edges” comment came from you?

Lost: We had conversations, and it was always around the fact that he had never met a woman like me. And so I try to understand, and I probably said, jokingly, that I’m rough around the edges. I’m OK to laugh at myself and say these things, but you can’t throw them back at me. It’s just common decency and social skills. But it was clear that he was acting from a place of insecurity and just wanted me to feel as low as he did. Looking back, you can see what it’s like, but like Rachel said, it’s hard. We are navigating this new scenario, and no one has been through it.

Did you know Logan had a hard time figuring out which side he should be on?

Recchia: It’s really interesting to review everything. Of course, I was not completely aware of the situation. I was just doing my best to make room for each of my relationships. Logan accepts my roses, so I guess he’s here to pursue a relationship with me. Watching him is really hard, I apologize to him that I didn’t get a chance to speak while meanwhile he says he doesn’t want to be there. It’s very disheartening, but he’s just being honest in what he said, and it’s his truth.

As for the two-single setup, did you expect it to be, and do you think the producers might keep tinkering with things, if they do it again, to get it right?

Lost: It was so nice to have someone else, a real friend, going through this with you. Looking at the reviews and seeing them online, it’s not that surprising, but it’s almost like, “Oh, you kinda miss the point.” We pay a lot of attention to men and allow them to succeed in a competition. But if you pay attention to the story of Rachel and I, we really aren’t. So that’s just the nuance of looking back.

Recchia: Gabby and I never argue, and we never make a decision without one or the other at the start of the season. And hearing all the criticism about them pitting us against each other just isn’t what it was. Like Gabby said, they really miss the point of female friendship and we sail together and show our true emotions. Hopefully in the future they can see this a bit more.

Obviously, the fans really want you to find good partners after everything you’ve been through. What will viewers think of the direction things will take?

Lost: You’ll get to see more romance now and less of navigating between two Bachelorettes. Because now we can truly foster our relationships and head towards romance.

Interview edited for length and clarity.

ABC the bachelorette aired Mondays at 8 p.m.

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