Stubbornly high rents and food prices boost US inflation in August

The consumer price index increases by 0.1% in August Rents, food and health care explain the rise in the CPI Core CPI jumped 0.6%; increased 6.3% year-over-year WASHINGTON, Sept 13 (Reuters) – U.S. consumer prices rose unexpectedly in August and core inflation accelerated amid rising rent and health care costs, giving the Federal Reserve ammunition … Read more

NASA’s CAPSTONE lunar probe has more problems than we thought

Artist’s rendering of CAPSTONE.Image: Nasa Controllers with the CAPSTONE mission are attempt to regain control of the Probe bound to the Moon, which is currently collapsing, is experiencing temperature issues and is unable to use its solar panels to fully recharge its batteries. In a update released on Monday, Advanced Space described it as a … Read more

Starbucks outlines plans for automated ordering, new coffee equipment to improve efficiency

Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz speaks at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders in Seattle, Washington on March 22, 2017. Jason Redmond | AFP | Getty Images Starbucks on Tuesday outlined its plans for automated ordering in stores, new coffee-making equipment and an expanded loyalty program as part of its push to reinvent itself and … Read more

Prince Harry takes off his military uniform snub before the queen’s funeral

Prince Harry will wear a suit tomorrow to The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II after him he was forbidden to wear his military uniform. “Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, will wear a suit tomorrow during events honoring his grandmother,” a spokesperson for the Sussexes said in a statement to Page Six on Tuesday. “Your … Read more

Cities liberated from Russia, troops surrendering

Ukraine’s military claimed on Tuesday that it shot down one of the Iran-built Russian drones as The Kyiv Counteroffensive continued to repel invaders from northeastern towns occupied since the first weeks of the war. The Ukrainian army has released images of the wreckage of the drone, encountered near Kupiansk in Kharkiv province, where Ukrainian troops … Read more

Oklahoma inmate who sued over alleged ‘Baby Shark’ torture tactic is found dead in his cell

An Oklahoma inmate who alleged in a lawsuit that prison staff tortured inmates, forcing them into stress positions while playing the song “Baby Shark” for hourswas found dead in his cell. John Basco was found unconscious around 3:50 a.m. Sunday by a detention officer conducting on-site checks, Oklahoma County Detention Center officials said in a … Read more

GOP primary in New Hampshire’s 1st district is more about style than substance

But in Tuesday’s race to be the Republican candidate in New Hampshire1st Congressional District Republicans Matt Mowers and Karoline Leavitt are in a tug of war that’s more about style than substance, a fight that has fractured Republican loyalties and underscored just how much to follow Trump’s policies in a Republican primary n is often … Read more

Senators blast Twitter’s alleged security failures as whistleblower testifies

Enlarge / Former Twitter security executive Peiter Zatko testifying at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on September 13, 2022. The Democratic and Republican leaders of the US Senate Judiciary Committee blasted Twitter for alleged security failures in a letter last night on the eve of today’s hearing featuring testimony from whistleblower Peiter “Mudge” Zatko. “We … Read more

Shigeru Miyamoto Accidentally Trolled Nintendo Direct Fans

Screenshot: Nintendo/Kotaku Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct was highly publicized, with a whopping 40 minutes devoted to the Japanese company’s handheld console and its games. Most people kept their expectations somewhat in check, because Nintendo said the event would largely focus on products coming out this holiday season. But that still leaves room for surprises, and when … Read more